Staff, Professor

Noriaki Kamiyama

After graduating grad school, I have immersed myself in research on computer networks for a year at a university in Los Angeles and 20 years at NTT laboratories. After becoming a faculty member of universities in 2017, I have mainly focused on supervising students in research, and I have also spend my days learning a lot from students in my lab. By becoming a faculty member of universities, I have learned joys and difficulties of teaching others. I aim to run a laboratory where all members of the laboratory respect and learn from each other, so that 1+1 becomes more than 2.

Second grade master students

Chihiro Matsuura

This year I will do my best to expand my knowledge through research!

Hiroki Hashimoto

I am interested in the networking field. I will work hard and diligently to achieve results in both my research and club activities!

Kozaburo Ibuki

My research theme is the development of a disaster relief system using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). I chose this research theme because I want to create a society where people can live with peace of mind in disaster-prone Japan. My hobbies are making plastic models and swimming. I look forward to working with you.

Masaki Ito

In my “research,” I want to learn not to study passively, but to take the initiative to think about and solve problems by myself.

Teppei Okada

I am working on research related to Blockchain. I am looking forward to working with you.

Wang Tianyu

I am fully committed to both my research and my life, and I have great expectations for the future!

First grade master students

Ankita Kit

As a student in this lab, I am determined to turn my aspirations into groundbreaking research.

CUI Zhihan

I’d like to learn many things in the laboratory life and find a direction for the future.

Jooinh Park

I would like to find and research studies that I can apply to my future.

Kaito Kondo

I will do my best so that I can learn a lot.

Kazuya Taniguchi

There are still many things I don’t understand, but with the help of Professor Kamiyama and my labmates, I would like to continue my research in my own way!

Keita Yashiki

I will do my best to persevere in presentations and programming.

Kohei Tanaka

Through my activities in the laboratory, I would like to grow as much as possible to be a better person than I am now.

LI Zheng

Students are expected to learn in the laboratory and contribute to the safety society of the future.

NAZIM Tausif

I want to learn new things on network, cyber security and industrial automation. I hope to explore my potentials.

SHI Yipeng

I’m excited to engage in mutual learning with everyone in the research lab, fostering growth together.

Toshiki Tomimori

I am still a novice, but I will do my best to grow little by little.

Wang Rong

Doing my best to stay interested in all issues.


Though unachievable, aspiration to it remains.

WU Junhao

I aspire to broaden my perspectives through studying abroad in Japan.

Yuki Nibe

I am interested in distributed processing/networking at the software level. There are still many immature points, but I will do my best.

Fourth grade bachelor students

Akinobu Torii

I don’t have any hobbies, but I usually listen to music. I will do my best to catch up with you all.

Futo Masai

I will do my best to make a positive impact on the entire laboratory.

Haku Nishijima

I will do my best to acquire a lot of knowledge and grow through my activities in the laboratory.

Jiaqi Liu

The Chinese character at the back of my name is “大有可為”, which means that I can show my talent in the future. This is both the meaning of my name and my expectation for the future.

Kim Minkyu

I would like to face everything with courage, not only in my laboratory activities.

Naoto Okazaki

I want to acquire a lot of knowledge and problem-solving skills through my research activities.

Satoshi Morita

In the lab, I will do my best not to lose to everyone else!

Shota Ochiai

I want to be engaged and learn as much as I can.

Shuhei Haneda

I would like to acquire professional knowledge through continuous study. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wakana Tan

I want to take everything seriously and become more powerful than I am at the moment.

Yui Ueno

I would like to try many things to deepen my professional knowledge.

Third grade bachelor student

Yi Chengsong

There’s always something for me to learn here. We look forward to progressing with the members of the lab.


Ryo Nakamura, Lecturer, Fukuoka University

I am interested in mathematical approaches to understand and control the spread of information in large and complex networks. I try to guide to my students with an emphasis on their personal growth so that they can find research profundity and solve difficult problems on their own.

Makoto Misumi, Assistant Professor, Fukuoka University

I am conducting research on information sharing in disasters. I look forward to contributing to society by discovering new issues and seeking solutions together through interaction with everyone in my laboratory. I love cooking and drinking. Please let me know information about drinking around Shiga.

Hideaki Miyaji, Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan University

I am an assistant professor at the College of Information Science and Technology! My main research target is the composition of cryptographic schemes, and I am also doing research on the composition of blockchains! Through the joint research with Prof. Kamiyama, I will continue my research to construct better cryptographic schemes!


Cao Xuheng

Chihiro Kato

Kai Yoshida

Koudai Honda

Nami Shinada

Seiya Sanada

Yang Zhanbin

Yuto Murakami

Yuuma Fukagawa