Research Achievements 2024

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Kodai Honda, Ryo Nakamura, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “A Preliminary Study on the Impact of User’s Sociality on Content Caching of ICN, ” accepted at IEICE Communications Express, Jan. 2024

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Yuto Murakami, Yuma Fukagawa, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Content Recommendation Considering Cache State,” accepted at IEEE HPSR 2024, Pisa, July 2024
  • Keita Yashiki and Noriaki Kamiyama, “IOTA-based Micropayment of IoT Data,” accepted at IEEE ICCE-TW 2024, Taichung, July 2024
  • Chihiro Kato and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Designing Server Sets for Anycast CDN Using Genetic Algorithm,” accepted at IEEE ICC 2024, Denver, June 2024
  • Teppei Okada and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Name Management Using IOTA in ICN,” accepted at IEEE DAG-DLT 2024, Dublin, May 2024
  • Chihiro Matsuura and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Optimum Worker Sampling in Crowdsensing with Multiple Areas,” IEEE/IFIP AnNet 2024, May 2024
  • Jiaqi Liu and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Investigating Impact of DDoS Attack and CPA Targeting CDN Caches,” IEEE/IFIP AnNet 2024, May 2024
  • Ryo Nakamura and Noriaki Kamiyama, “A Preliminary Study on the Aggregation of FIBs ICN Routers using Routing Strategy,” IEEE/IFIP AnNet 2024 (Short Paper), May 2024
  • Shuntaro Hashimoto, Makoto Misumi, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Analysis of Diffusion Process of ICN Based on Economic Factors,” IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2024 (Short Paper), Seoul, May 2024
  • Makoto Misumi, Masato Tariki, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Cache Control Method for Multiple Web Cache Servers Based on Co-Occurrence Degree,” IEEE CCNC 2024, Las Vegas, Jan. 2024
  • Xuheng Cao and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Dynamic Mirror Placement for Reducing Inter-AS Traffic in NDN,” IEEE CCNC 2024 (Work in progress), Las Vegas, Jan. 2024