Research Achievements 2023

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Kodai Honda, Ryo Nakamura, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Analyzing Effects of Social Media User’s Influence on Contents Caching in ICN,” IEEE Access, Vol. 11, pp. 127679-127688, Nov. 2023

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Feri Fahrianto and Noriaki Kamiyama, “The Influence of Delayed-hit on Caching Servers Utilizing Conventional Cache Replacement Methods,” CITSM2023, Khlong Luang, Thailand, Nov. 2023
  • Yuma Fukagawa and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Access Control Method with Privacy Preservation in NDN”, IEEE ICNP 2023 (Poster), Reykjavik, Oct. 2023
  • Noriaki Kamiyama and Takuto Kudo, “Investigating Impact of Fake-Type Content Poisoning Attack on NDN,” GRASEC 2023, Benevento, Aug. 2023
  • Makoto Tsunekiyo and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Device to Device Caching Delivery Using Predicted Demand on Trajectory,” accepted at IEEE MetaCom 2023, Kyoto, June 2023
  • Qianyi Deng and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Cache Replacement Based on Similarity in Mobile Crowd Photographing,” accepted at IEEE MetaCom 2023 (short paper), Kyoto, June 2023
  • Kodai Honda, Ryo Nakamura, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Characteristic Analysis of Socially-Aware Information-Centric Networking,” accepted at IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2023 (short paper session), Miami, May 2023