Research Achievements 2021

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Ryo Nakamura and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Content Availability at Network Failure in Information-Centric Networking,” IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Vol. 18, Issue 3, pp. 3889-3899, Sep. 2021

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Makaoto Misumi, Toshihiko Nishimura, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Placing Information Boxes to Reduce Power Consumption in Disaster Communications Using DTN,” IEEE GLOBECOM 2021, Madrid + Online, Dec. 2021
  • Takakazu Ashihara and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Detecting Cache Pollution Attacks Using Bloom Filter,” IEEE LANMAN 2021, Online, July 2021
  • Feri Fahrianto and Noriaki Kamiyama, “The Dual-Channel IP-to-NDN Translation Gateway,” IEEE LANMAN 2021 (Short Paper Session), Online, July 2021
  • Feri Fahrianto and Noriaki Kamiyama, “A Low-Cost IP-To-NDN Translation Gateway,” IEEE HPSR 2021 (Short Track Session), Paris + Online, June 2021
  • Hayate Sasaki and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Summary Cache of IoT Data Using ICN,” IFIP/IEEE IM 2021 (Poster Session), Online, May 2021
  • Ryo Nakamura and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Proposal of Keyword-Based Information-Centric Delay-Tolerant Network,” IEEE CQR 2021, Online, May 2021
  • Noriaki Kamiyama, Kouki Sakurai, and Akihiro Nakao, “Measurement Analysis of Co-occurrence Degree of Web Objects,” IEEE GI 2021, Online, May 2021
  • Makaoto Misumi and Noriaki Kamiyama, “Evacuation-Route Recommendation Using DTN with Evacuee Attributes in Disasters,” accepted at IEEE WCNC 2021, Nanjing China, Mar. 2021
  • Kota Tohno, Ryo Nakamura, and Noriaki Kamiyama, “On Design of Caching Threshold of Caching Strategy CDO for ICN,” ICOIN 2021 (Poster Session), Online, Jan. 2021