For international students


Thank you for your interest in Kamiyama laboratory. You are really welcome to join our laboratory and study together at Ritsumeikan University. The research field of our laboratory includes:

  • attack and prevention technologies of network security, e.g., DDoS attack, cache pollution attack (CPA), and data poisoning attack (DPA) of crowdsensing, access control, and secure data management using blockchain,
  • design and control of IoT networks, e.g., caching techniques of IoT data, detection system for vermin using multi-stage sensors, and similarity-based caching for mobile crowd photographing,
  • disaster communication, e.g., sharing information at disasters using DTN, rescue techniques at disaster using drone, and content availability in ICN,
  • information-centric networking (ICN), e.g., scalability issue in ICN and migration techniques of ICN,
  • high quality web and video transmission, e.g., cache control of web objects and caching techiques at mobile terminals using deep learning, and
  • network economics, e.g., modeling and anaysis of ICN ecosystem, pricing methods of network services, and incentive mechanism.

We also accept international students who are intersted in any topics related to networking technologies.

Students who are interested in joining our laboratory are encouraged to contact Prof. Kamiyama and give a resume (CV) as well as a list of preferred research topics by e-mail to
(Please change @ to half-width character.)

Studying at Ritsumeikan

Ritsumeikan University consists of three major campuses, Kyoto, Shiga, and Osaka, in Kansai area. These three main campuses are close together, and Kyoto is one of the most popular city in Japan for foreigners. Globalization is one of the priority items at Ritsumeikan University, and Ritsumeikan University has been accepted to the Top Global University Project of the JSPS. For more information, please see the webpage of TOP GLOBAL UNIVERSITY.

Various programs of financial support for international students are provided at Ritsumeikan University. For example, privately-financed international graduate students can apply to the tuition reduction program, 100% reduction or 20% reduction. For more information, please see the application guidelines. Doctor-course graduate students can also apply to NEXT fellowship program and Ritsumeikan Advanced Research Academy (RARA) fellowship program which provide monthly living cost as well as research fund.